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Hot biking girl

Simon Bolz,

Weekly Hot Girl On A Bicycle

So sex sells right? The mantra of many an advertising executive, and i’m going to use it as an excuse to start the “Weekly Hot Girl on a Bicycle”.  Read on for an in depth analysis of this picture where I make a lot of outrageous assumptions.  Play the embedded song by Ra Ra Riot while you read for the full experience.

Hot Girl on Bicycle

Now this is a fantastic picture.  Obviously this girl has the right idea.  She’s found the ability to be subtly sexy while riding her fixed gear.  She’s obviously a hipster, but she’s pulling it off effortlessly with the torn up vans, cigarette in hand.  The combination of a pretentious thumbs up, smile and fixed gear bicycle all seem to say, “This guy friend who I think has a thing for me just built this bike for me, I mean I’d never hook up with him, but I’ll definitely take a free bike.”

Lets talk more about the bike. It’s a rolling contradiction, minimalist in one respect with no brales, yet is rocking two chain-rings.  These are all signs of the notorious “Desperate Guy Build”.  The “Desperate Guy Build” can be seen being ridden by women throughout the world.  The bike is usually a hodge podge of discarded parts quickly assembled in an attempt to garner the affection of the girl now atop it.  This is usually done in a desperate attempt by men who have been relegated to the notorious “Friend Zone”, a place there is no escape from.  I know from personal experience.

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