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What to consider before renting serviced apartments in Hanoi

Are you considering renting an apartment in Hanoi? There is more to making your choice than just finding the lowest price. If you are planning to sign a lease for twelve months or more it is important for you to be satisfied with your final decision. Breaking a lease is a costly process and can damage your ability to be approved at your next location, so consider Hanoi-based real estate agency service during your apartment search in Hanoi:

Security: You may feel more comfortable in a gated versus a non-gated complex, but entry control devices serve only to moderate the level of traffic. If, as often happens, the gates are broken or are left open during the day they will not even serve that purpose. Ask if there is a courtesy officer on site to respond to disturbances. Be sure to check out your local police department website for crime statistics which can be searched for by specific property and time frame. Also find out where your prospective apartment is located within the layout of the complex. Ground floor and corner apartments are easier to move your furniture into but are more vulnerable to burglary.

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Condition: Is the apartment in decent condition with all appliances, wiring and plumbing in good working order? Be sure to ask about emergency maintenance and find out what the track record is for timely response to requests for repair. Walk the complex and ask potential neighbors what their experience has been. Also visit the apartment website and read the comments of previous tenants. These may be slanted toward the negative but what you hear from the leasing staff will be designed to cover up or gloss over any potential problems. Take all these viewpoints into consideration so you can make an informed decision.

Location: If you find a serviced apartment to rent in Hanoi that is close to your work or to public transportation you can significantly reduce your gas costs. Ease of access to major freeways may be a consideration if you have multiple locations you need to drive to each week (school, work, church, etc.). Since apartment living is somewhat short term you don’t have to be initially thrilled with the neighborhood. With the high turnover in apartment occupancy you could have all new neighbors in six months anyway.

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Space and Floor Plan: If you are moving your family into an apartment in Hanoi it will have to be large enough and include the required number of bedrooms to comply with occupancy codes.

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